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Protecting the integrity of our customers brand and product

For every single team member at Industrial Physics, it’s our purpose to protect the integrity of our customer’s brand and product.

That’s why we like to connect with our sales network every month- to share expert insights into the various test methods that your customers can benefit from. In this month’s installment, we’ll showcase a few products and let you know about a new section on our site that you may find useful…

Looking for a reliable bending tester?

When you need to work out the bending resistance of paper, paperboard, plastic film, medical tubing, and wire, you’ll find our TMI 79-56 bending test machine will flex to your requirements.  

Our bending resistance tester is highly versatile and accurate. Its unique capability enables you to measure bending resistance forces at selectable bending angles from 5.0 to 90°. And it calculates the rigidity of any samples between 1 to 50mm in length and up to 2.5mm thick.

Discover our automatic densimeter…

Looking for the most accurate measurement of the specific gravity of liquids, or the rate of change of volume for rubber and other materials, why not try the TMI 21-10 Automatic Densimeter DSG-1?

This high precision digital densimeter is ideal for almost any laboratory environment. Choosing the right densimeter is critical – you need to select wisely to avoid inconsistent measuring techniques and procedures in your quality control processes. So, if you work with polymers or plastics, then our industry leading solution could be perfect for you.

Discover our buckle and burst tester!

The CMC-KUHNKE Buckle and Burst Tester (BCL-3000) is the perfect tool for your metal packaging – allowing you to test the pressure at which the end will buckle, and easy-open ends and peel seal ends will burst.

With a robust design and end holders that can be exchanged in seconds, our handy tool requires very little training and is extremely easy to use!

Discover our customer success stories

As you know, customer reviews are highly valuable when showcasing the value of products to new prospects. And that’s why we’ve created a brand-new case study hub!

Within our case study section, you’ll be able to browse through case studies and testimonials from a wide range of customers across multiple industries. And we’ll be regularly updating this section of our website as more stories become available. Remember, if you’ve had a positive interaction with a customer, then you can let us know!  

Turning this anecdotal story into a valuable piece of content can help us all, so if you think you have something to share then please reach out to your sales contact.

Here for you.

If you have any questions regarding our portfolio of products, then please remember to reach out to us! We’re always ready and waiting to support you – together, we will protect the integrity of our customer’s brand and product.

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